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Essential oil Association of India (EOAI) was founded in 1956 as a premier organization of scientists, researchers, industrialists, traders, manufacturers, exporters, importers and farmers in the field of essential oils. The Association is registered under Society’s Act of XXI of 1860 and at present, having more than 700 members.

The foremost aim of the Association is to promote advancement of the knowledge of science and technology of essential oils and other natural extracts and allied products and to help people in cultivation, distillation/ extraction techniques, processing and marketing of natural essential oils/ absolutes and their value added quality products and to bring before the people thearaputic aspects of essential oils besides their importance in F&F Sector.

EOAI thrives to ensure lucrative returns by assisting growers in marketing their produce. No traditional crop can match the economics of aromatic crops provided adoption is made with proper guidance. EOAI is assisting farmers to adopt modern cultivation practices of aromatic crops and is regularly organizing workshops for the benefits of farmers with the help of Government agencies like CIMAP, IIIM, CAP, FFDC.

One of the great achievements of Association is establishment of an AROMA TRAINING CENTER to impart training to farmers and distillers and extending analytical support to producers and end users of aroma ingredients on a global basis.

This facility is housed in a five storey building in Sector 62 of Noida having more than 20,000 sqft. Covered area and furnished with all modern amenities, such as , Library , Laboratories , Auditorium and Class rooms.

EOAI has a open policy to support industry from all over the globe and specifically our friends of Asia.

Facilities At EOAI’S Aroma Training Centre

  • World class technical library dedicated to F & F, aromatherapy, cosmetics/ toiletries, environment and other sectors.
  • Modern Analytical Lab with GC, GC-MS, Sniffing port, Dynamic Headspace, Digital Polarometer, Retractrometer, Gravity meter and Spectrophotometer.
  • Ingredients Library of natural oils / absolutes/ resinoids, aroma chemicals including high impact minor/ trace molecules.
  • Extraction Lab equipped with various distillation / extraction systems and glass reactors.
  • Auditorium (Sitting cap :150 persons)-fully furnished.
  • Lecture Rooms – with Audio / Video systems.